Becoming a NYIAD Student and Starting My Express You Society!

Becoming a NYIAD Student and Starting My Express You Society!


So Excited To Share This With You, Friend!

I will soon become a CERTIFIED JEWELRY DESIGNER, once I complete my jewelry design courses!!

I have started attending the New York Institute of Art & Design in April 22', to become a CERTIFIED Jewelry Designer!! This is super exciting for me given that my passion is designing and creating jewelry & accessories. I have jumped so far out of my comfort zone with starting my own jewelry design business and now attending Jewelry Design School! This is so amazing for me, and I can't wait to become a CERTIFIED Jewelry Designer, not just for myself but for you, My Friend! I created well designed jewelry for you to express yourself because how else do we express ourselves?!? Through clothing and accessories we wear but especially through JEWELRY. So, let me help you, Friend, to EXPRESS YOURSELF THROUGH JEWELRY!

I am learning so much more than I could ever imagine! I really would like to start a kind of bead/jewelry society, where I can teach YOU the fundamentals, techniques, and styles in being your own jewelry designer! I will have the knowledge of bead history, wire wrapping, skill tactics and beading techniques to teach you if designing is your passion or even just a hobby. To be a part of a society of supportive and passionate people joining together, working and discussing together as a team!

Do you enjoying creating? Would you be interested in learning jewelry as well as creating it? Would you join my society? I would first do a free masterclass on what the society is like and what this society is all about! Also, this would be a good opportunity to get YOU time if you happen to be a busy person with kids, family, career, business and so much more.

Hear is just a little historical sneak peek on what is to be learned: 


Did you know that...

Beads were treasured as one of the first precious objects over 100,000 years ago, even before use of currency, written language, paintings, or any other artistic expression?? 

Beads were symbolized as wealth & power. The oldest beads discovered were grooved animal teeth and bones or tiny shells strung on cord.

Pretty interesting I think but I absolutely love jewelry all around! But that is all I got today for this blog but more to come about starting My Express You Society soon!

~*If you are interested in joining My Express You Society, Please feel free to email me at or comment below!

Hope to see you there!

Yours Truly, Casey B

~*Check in Soon for Blog Update Posts*`

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