Certified Jewelry Designer

I took the Jewelry Design course through the New York Institute of Art & Design and can proudly say that I am officially a Certified Jewelry Designer!! So whatever your Jewelry needs might be I am Your Girl!!

My Passion, My Brand, My Story!

My Passion:

Do you have a strong desire inside you while doing something you absolutely love? A hobby, a dream, a PASSION? I believe there is a certain time in everybody's life, where they come to the point of realizing what their true purpose in life is supposed to be, the one thing they are good at and love doing it!

Well,,,For me, My passion is designing and creating jewelry for women or men based on each individuals likes, style, and structure. Pieces of jewelry designed and created just for that individual. The love for the jewelry I created for them is the most rewarding experience for me.


My Brand:

My mission behind Casey's Creations is to create unique, one-of-kind, beautiful jewelry for people to express themselves with visually before even getting the chance to speak.

I want to start a community of maker's, entrepreneurs, or individuals who want to learn something new, like designing & creating their own jewelry as well as be a part of a community where we show the same interests, hobbies, and passions and support each other,

My Story:

'(It's a long one and I am still in process of finishing it! Sorry for any inconvenience and please check back soon!)