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Casey's Hand-Crafted Creations

Elephant Crystal Cravings

Elephant Crystal Cravings

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These crystals are craved into an elephant and are made of various different crystal materials such as Green Jasper, Tree Agate and Calcite. Every crystal has their own healing properties and energy that it gives out, so each crystal can help different things.

Crystal Healing Properties & Sizes:

Green Jasper: Known as a rare stone, Green Jasper is considered a grounding crystal that promotes strength & stamina of the mind, body & spirit. Also motivates certain users of the crystal and provides endurance for success. Crystal Size: Height~3cm Length~4cm Width~2cm; Weights~10 grams

Calcite: Has been used since the ancient times. Calcite is a great crystal for removing spiritual energy blockages and allowing positive vibrations for healing. Also helps to improve memory. Crystal Size: Height~3cm Length~4cm Width~2cm; Weights~10 grams

Tree Agate: Also know as dendritic agate. Tree Agate is considered a protective crystal that will shield its user from trouble. Its positive energy helps strengthen the users relationships. Also helps the user make a strong connection to all things in nature. Height~3.5cm Length~4.3cm Width~2cm; Weights~10 grams

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